Dual SIM mobile sales on the up

Dual SIM mobile phones are darned good idea but we don’t really see too many of them in this country. They tend to be aimed at the poorer parts of the world, the places the mobile industry likes to term, in its wholly patronising manner, ‘emerging territories’. Nevertheless, Dual SIM phones (such as the Samsung B5722 and Samsung C3112), could and possibly should go a bundle in the UK if they were properly marketed. They offer space for two SIMS, two different deals and two different phones numbers – an excellent idea and very fleixible.


Maybe we will begin to see more of these handset types in the future, however, because, according to the DigiTimes website, the sales of these phones is set to double during the course of this year. By the year 2014, that figure will rise and touch 100 million forming a very handsome 7% of the entire mobile market.


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