APP WATCH: Google Shopper aids your shopping experience

Not content with announcing that it will be enhancing its Goggles app with a translation service and releasing other apps such as Buzz and Voice, Google has announced yet another app for its Android operating system.

To be known as Google Shopper, the new app will allow you to utilise the built in camera of your Android mobile phone. All you have to do is to point the camera at a barcode or, in the case of a CD, DVD, video game or book, the actual cover of the item and Google will return a whole heap of information on the product as well as where to buy the thing and how much it’s likely to be. But that’s not all, once primed, you can also speak the name of the product into your phone and the app will attempt to do the decent thing and return all the necessary information to you.


Compatible with all Android OS versions, the app can be downloaded via Android Market.


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