Alcatel announces Netbook-like phone

Well, here's an odd one. Alcatel, which has been busy announcing and releasing a range of budget-based mobile phones (such as the OT-980 and Tribe), is now offering something a bit different. The Alcatel OT-808 features a striking design that gives the impression that you're not so much getting a phone but a fully fledged Netbook.


Presented as a clamshell design, the OT-808 features a QWERTY keypad and arrives with a 2.4-inch display packing in a QVGA resolution. An external screen of an OLED design is also included, with a 128x36 pixel resolution, according to the website. Other features include a basic two-megapixel camera, Bluetooth 2.0, social networking integration for the likes of Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, email, an Instant Messenger facility and an Opera Mini browser.


Distribution details and a release date are yet to come, but an equivalent price of around £80 is expected.


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