Nokia and LG - to focus on augmented reality

Finding methods of staying one step ahead of the next guy has always been the impetus for installing new features on new handsets for the top phone manufacturers. Often, these new features fall into a sort of fashion: once they prove possible, then everyone seems to jump on the same bandwagon. Take augmented reality features, recently developed by Google, for example. This is a facility that will allow you to look through your phone's camera and see real-time digital information mixed with information from the world around you.


Nokia has recently admitted that it is developing these sort of features for its new smartphones. In fact, you can see an interview on that subject here. LG is also active in this area. Specifically, the company will be introducing augmented reality into its new LU2300 Android phone (previously unannounced but due for an initial Korean release in the second quarter of this year). Look for more information on this topic during the next few months.


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