Next gen UI appears on Nexus One

The whole notion of user interfaces demands a feature-length appraisal in itself. However, the fact that manufacturers create their own user interfaces is an important one for brand identity. For, even if a phone utilises Windows, Android or Symbian, a user interface laid over the top tells the user what phone they are using without having to check out the chassis logo. For example, you only have to play with a TouchWiz interface to know you're holding a Samsung phone or see a S-Class interface in action to know that it's running on a LG handset.


The future, however, might result in some slight confusion because both Samsung and LG will be issuing some of their future phones with a new user interface called FX. Demoed on a Google Nexus One - why the Nexus One? - the new UI obviously performs well with 3D animation and video sequences, according to the Android Messages website. The new UI will be used on phones but also cars and other lifestyle devices. Observers believe that Samsung will use the UI on its bada phones while LG will use it on its Android mobiles.


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