Sony Ericsson refused to make the Nexus One

Ok, just imagine this. Your house is slowly burning down. You've rung the fire brigade but they'll be a while. In the meantime, you've got a standpipe and a bucket. But you know that it's not enough and, if you continue as you are, you're going to have to GPS the local YMCA. Then a neighbour strolls past and says: 'Hey, I've got a hose pipe that will stretch over here, can I help?' At worst, it'll certainly help and might even save your house in the long run. But, proud little tinker that you are, you reply: 'I've got my own water, thank you very much – I can manage.'


So, it seems, can Sony Ericsson – remember, strapped for cash with delayed Android phones coming out of its ears? Well, according to the Engadget website, the manufacturer recently admitted it was approached by Google to make the Nexus One mobile phone (Motorola is apparently making the Nexus Two), but Sony Ericsson refused.


The reason? Because Sony Ericsson doesn't want to be a sub-contractor, it only wants to make its own phones. So Google speed-dialled HTC, which also makes well received, original phones. The rest, so they say, is history. Let's hope the same won't be said of Sony Ericsson.


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