Windows Mobile 6 becomes Windows Phone Classic

We recently heard that Microsoft's Windows Mobile 7 operating system was to renamed as Windows Phone 7 Series and is to be targeted at higher-end smartphone models. This left the Windows Mobile 6 OS in something of a quandry and somewhat out on a limb. It was only time before Microsoft decided to change it's name – especially with the lastest, rather unwieldy, version of this particular OS knocking about. I mean, Windows Mobile 6.5.3 doesn't really scan does it? So, according to the I Started Something website, Windows Mobile 6 has become Windows Phone Classic - why not Windows Phone 6 Series?


A sister OS has also been created for emerging markets – which is PC language for those mobile markets stuck deep in the poverty mire – called Starter Edition, based on Windows Mobile 6.5. Expect to see the same OS on low cost budget phones over here in the future.


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