News from the East: Eye-controlled headphones

First self-healing mobile paint, now eye-controlled headphones. Yes, it sounds loopy, and the demo doesn't look any less so. But at Mobile World Congress, we saw a pair of headphones from Japanese operator NTT Docomo that are controlled by the mere gaze of its wearer.


The headphones are in-ear models that work with both MP3 players and mobile phones, and come with electrodes that detect the electrical changes in your eyeballs as they shift up, down and sideways, in various combinations to play, pause, change tracks or adjust volume.


For example, looking right then left plays or pauses your music, while right-left-right makes or answers a call (see second picture for more examples of movement combos).


It certainly looked like it was working, though what happens when you're actually just looking around the room?  

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