Opera Mini for iPhone announced

The Opera Mini Internet browser for mobile platforms has been released for every major mobile platform including Symbian and Windows Mobile except one - the iPhone. Now, at the MWC 2010 show, the company has revealed its iPhone version. However, releasing a piece of software and having it ready for action on the iPhone platform are two different things. Apple, you see, might reject the package - especially as it already has its own browser on the phone, Safari.


The thing is, however, Opera is different in one essential aspect - it's fast. By golly is it quick. In fact, it's five times faster than Safari which, in itself, is no slouch. How come? Because Opera processes all of the web page information within its own servers. What you see is the finished results. Impressive, certainly. And yet...and yet, will Apple allow this intruder to blow its own browser out of the iPhone water? We will see.


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