Facebook to launch Facebook Zero

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking utilities in the mobile and computing markets, appearing on Windows Mobile, iPhones and more. In fact, the company has managed to insert its utility into just about every communications device known to man. But there are a few holes in the strategy for global domination, and they surround the more simple, lower cost mobile phones.


Now the company is about to address this area with Facebook Zero, a stripped down version of the app designed for budget handsets. In fact, this version of Facebook will be a text-only app that will be supplied to subscribers at no charge. If a user then moves from text to the more usual multimedia version, the mobile operator will then begin charging them for the premium service, according to the Techcrunch website.


The utility has yet to go live - hence the rather lonely accompanying screenshot. However, it is expected that most operators will adopt the stripped down utility and use it as a sort of software teaser.


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