Powermat launches wireless charging batteries

In 10 years, we could be powering appliances through the kitchen counter, or charging our phones via the table. Powermat, which launched its flagship wireless charging mats last year, has announced next-gen chips that are small enough to integrate into almost any device.


The company's ASIC chip will be embedded in phone batteries, allowing them to charge wire-free from a Powermat pad. These batteries, or 'Powermat Receivers' will be available for over a dozen models including HTC, BlackBerry, LG, Nokia, Samsung, Motorola and Sony Ericsson by June.


Also on show at the company's Mobile World Congress stand were a new line of mats capable of charging one, two or three devices, a Portable 2X mat that allows you to store electrical charge so you can use it without a power point, and a netbook mat that can charge a netbook and two other small devices.


The company also announced its plans to target manufacturers and make its chip technology available to these companies for integration into their products – for example, mobile phones, portable gaming consoles and laptops – allowing consumers to purchase devices that can charge wirelessly out of the box.


However, the most visual part of the show was the concept area, where Powermat demoed the possibilities of surfaces in the home or office embedded with its ASIC chip, allowing consumers to charge a device simply by placing it on an enabled wall or table.


The technology isn't on the market yet – and won't be for a long while – but the company has taken a huge leap forward since last year's flagship charger mats, which only supported a few phone models and required consumers to purchase a chunkier, Powermat-enabled cover for their devices. 

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