Sagem announces phone for elderly users

It may have released a new sporty phone at the MWC 2010 show, but Sagem has also addressed the less mobile among us. Entering the same market occupied by the Samsung C3060R phone, the Sagem Cosyphone features candybar chassis and includes NFC (Near Field Communication) technology. NFC allows the user to access some features of the phone without having to scroll through menus. In other words, the phone allows you to create various shortcut cards that can be associated with family contacts, medical services and so on. For example, you just wave the phone over the card and the phone number is called, according to the Realwire website. The company has yet to explain how the cards will be created.


Thierry Buffenoir, CEO of Sagem Wireless, said: 'Despite such a wide variety of devices on the market, with an aging population in Europe there is an opportunity for a simple, effective connected lifestyle device which makes life easier. Cosyphone fills this gap in the market.'


No price, release date or distribution details have been released as yet.


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