BlackBerry to focus on 'super apps'

Sick of fart noise apps and fake-o light sabers? BlackBerry is the antidote with the company announcing that this year its developer program will be focusing on 'super apps' - apps that know your location, offer notifications of new events and work with other programs on your phone.


For example, is a sports app that give you news and scores, and even notifies you when your favourite team is playing, while is an app for booking hotels online that automatically enters confirmed bookings into your BlackBerry's calendar.


Tyler Lessard, head of global alliances and developer relations, said BlackBerry was helping its program of over 200,000 developers to create apps that are highly integrated and contextualised so that it knows where you are from your GPS location and can offer relevant information. "There's a number of different areas we're focusing on, but number one is growing our developer community and set of apps available, particularly outside North America," he said. "There's a growing demand for localized content."


BlackBerry App World launched last September and currently has around 5,000 apps, compared to the 20,000 amassed at the Android Marketplace over 18 months.  


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