Puma Phone sprints in

Sports fans will be jumping the gun at the news that sporting giants Puma has introduced their first ever mobile phone. Teaming up with Sagem Wireless, the Puma branded phone has a built-in pedometer to measure your strides, a GPS tracker and a stopwatch to record your fastest laps. The handset which sports a 2.8-inch touch-screen is also designed to be integrated with puma.com with interactive multimedia and a variety of applications downloadable.


However, what is perhaps the Puma Phone's coolest feature is its spin and scratch music player (similar to that seen in the Samsung Beat DJ) that enables the user to mix away like a regular DJ, without fear of being booed off stage. Using the carousel menu wheel, users also have access to a 3.2-megapixel camera, HSDPA connectivity and a VGA video camera. The phone can also be charged by solar power which should please eco fans.


The Puma Phone is expected to hit the market in April.


Sagem's collaboration with Puma is not the first time we've seen a mobile phone manufacturer and sportswear company join forces, with Samsung and Adidas teaming up for the miCoach.

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