The LG Mini is a 3-Way Sync-er

LG has unveiled the world's smallest and slimmest 3.2-inch touch-screen. However, while the LG Mini GD880's 10.6mm waistline and weight of just 99g is impressive, that's not what's got us drooling. The manufacturer has kitted the phone out with a new service called 3-Way Sync that seamlessly pairs the handset to your computer.


The first aspect is called 'History Sync' and updates the phone's browser with the 100 most recently visited sites you visited on your PC. This effectively means you could be surfing the web for the latest football results at home on your PC, before leaving the house and bringing up the exact same page on your phone without having to re-enter the web address. Secondly the 'Personal Information Manager (PIM) Sync' function backs up all your contacts and calendar appointments on your PC, so you won't have to fret too much should you have the misfortune of losing your phone. Finally, the 'R-Click' function instantly transfers any pictures and information you wish from your PC to your LG Mini.


The LG Mini is also heavy on social networking with constant updates from the likes of Facebook and Twitter, while other highlights include Wi-Fi, HSDPA, A-GPS and HSDPA.


Expect the LG Mini GD880 to arrive on these shores from April.

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