Nokia's Valentine's mobile offer

Nokia obviously looked at Tescos' incursion into the mobile market and thought: 'Hmm, two can play at that game.' So now Nokia is offering a 'Buy one get one free' deal all of its own. That is, Nokia is offering you the chance to buy a mobile phone and receive another free. So now you can buy one for the wife and one for your girlfrie...for your mother.


The phones in the offer include: Nokia E72 (£359), Nokia N86 8MP (£375), Nokia N97 (£449), Nokia N97 Comes With Music (£549), Nokia N97 Mini (£429), Nokia N97 Mini Comes With Music (£529), Nokia X6 (£449), Nokia N900 (£499), Nokia 8800 Sapphire Arte (£799) and Nokia 8800 Gold Arte (£1,089), according to the Phones Review website.


As for the freebies? They include the Nokia 1661 and the Nokia 1208. We know, we know, Nokia is hardly straining itself here is it? But, hey, just imagine it...lovingly presenting a dozen reds to your dearest one on the day, watching them take a long, deep sniff at the perfume and banging their nose on the free mobile phone pressie you've hidden within. Ah, romance.


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