Google enables Nexus One multitouch

Since the release of Google's Nexus One mobile phone, observers have mulled over the fact that the handset has multitouch capability that was not enabled. Google had yet to implement it due to a previous agreement with Apple that meant it could not step on its multitouch iPhone toes.


So, the question has to be asked - why has Google implemented multitouch now? And we have to reply - we don't know. Possibly, Google is reacting to the increasing public anger that the feature exists on the phone but is unusable or, more likely, that Google has struck up a deal with Apple to allow it to use the feature.


But that's not all, further improvements have seen the inclusion of the new Google Maps 3.4 app onto the handset that include starred items synchronization and search suggestions from users' personal maps history plus the inclusion of Google Goggles. You can also expect to see improvements to the 3G facility.


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