Windows Mobile 6.5.3 - specifications revealed

Many observers were caught a little on the hop when Sony Ericsson announced the launch of its new mobile phone, the Aspen. Not because of anything to do with the hardware element particularly, but because of the operating system it is based upon.


Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5.3 made its unlikely debut on this model and, now we've had more of a chance to examine the OS closely, it seems that this variant of the initial 6.5 announcement, is rather more than just a tweak here there.


For example, the new OS confirms that multitouch has been enabled and that touch controls have also been included throughout the OS, with the traditional Windows-based stylus relegated to the dustbin.


According to the BGR website, the new OS also integrates a drag and drop facility to move icons around the Start Screen while the browser page load time has been increased and the associated memory management features have been improved. Other features include a magnifier to allow touch support for older applications.

If this is what we can expect for Windows 6.5.3 then roll on Windows Mobile 7!


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