Google announces Popular Images for Android and iPhone

After Google Voice and Google Goggles, the company has been busy developing a range of 'value' services for mobile use and has produced two new facilities.


The first, Popular Images, is accessible for anyone with an Android or iPhone handset and will allow you to access popular and interesting images present on the Internet. The pictures are divided up into categories: Music, Movies, Sports, Cars & Bikes and Cartoons plus Trends. The latter refers to images that have been the subject of high activity of late - John Terry perhaps?


If you want to have a try, just access via your phone, go to Images and click Browse Popular Images.


The second facility, Click To Call, will allow you to click on the name of an advertiser (i.e. Max Clifford). The name, which will integrate a phone number, will automatically ring that company so that you can get in touch directly...especially if you're in a hurry and want to make the Sunday editions.


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