Samsung exceeds sales targets

We've seen the financial and sales results for several companies, such as LG and Nokia, appear recently. But how about Samsung?


It seems that the Korean outfit did will during the last quarter of 2009 selling a total of 69 million phones, that's nine million more that the sales total in the third quarter and, if you take a like for like sales figure from 2008, 16% more sales than the final quarter of that year. That meant that Samsung's own targets were exceeded with a grand total of more than 200 million handsets sold with around 40 million being smartphone sales.


Reflecting on the new financial results, Robert Yi, Vice President and Head of Samsung Electronics' Investor Relations Team said that, "Despite the uncertain business environment in 2009, Samsung was able to achieve record revenues and strong profitability...We see this positive growth and performance flowing on into 2010 as the global economy continues to stabilise."


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