FluencyMobile?s predictive text application

Text slang such as “ur” or “l8” could soon become a thing of the past thanks to an innovative new application that aims to reduce the time it takes to type text messages and emails. TouchType’s FluencyMobile solution works by recognising the typing habits of the user, which in turn increases the accuracy and speed when composing messages. As you begin typing, the application will suggest the word it thinks you want to include. If the correct word is suggested, then the user simply needs to press the space bar for it to be jotted down.


If it’s not the correct word then simply continue typing, though TouchType claims the FluencyMobile app will recognise nearly 85% of words from just two characters. FluencyMobile is initially being launched on the Google Android platform in its beta stage at Mobile World Congress, with the full version arriving at the end of this month. TouchType claims it will be introducing it on other platforms with additional languages in the coming months.

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