Universal Multi-Charger a friend for all

We may still be waiting for the day when all mobile phones use the same type of charger - something we seem to be plodding along to - but in the meantime, One For All has unveiled its Universal Multi-Charger. With the ability to charge up to three devices at any one time, the Universal Multi-Charger also scores points for being environmentally friendly. Coming with seven different tips, the charging device is compatible with the iPhone, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung and other devices that sport miniUSB and microUSB charging ports.


When plugged in, each individual slot will be lit up with an LED light indicating that the device is currently being charged. Once the battery power has reached its maximum, the slot will automatically switch off, thus saving energy in the process. In addition One For All claims that its turbo-charge technology rapidly reduces charging time, citing the Nokia 5200 as an example. Charging this handset from 0-100% power with a standard charger would take 155 minutes, with the Universal Multi-Charger being 25% faster, taking just 115 minutes.


The One For All Universal Multi-Charger is available from leading electrical retailers for £59.99, with additional tips also available from www.oneforall.com/greenproducts/.


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