Vodafone to release new budget mobile

Not content with promoting a range of top mobile phones from the world's best mobile phone manufacturers, lauding its iPhone sales and coming top of our recent speed test, Vodafone wants to get in on the act itself...well, almost. A new mobile phone with the Vodafone brand name will be launched 'soon' but, of course, will not be created by the company but by ZTE, one of Vodafone's hardware partners.


To be tagged with the enigmatic name of Vodafone 547 ("I'm a mobile not a number!" anyone?), the new design will include Mobile TV and an accelerometer and will be pushed as a multimedia entertainment device.


Although we know that the phone will include a touchscreen packing in 400 x 240 pixels, via the Bluetooth.org website, other features are still a mystery. Final details on distribution and price are yet to be announced but you can expect to pay a low price for it. When more details arrive, we'll pass them on.


Click to read the Bluetooth.ord website


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