Nokia's Q4 2009 results now in

We've already had the Sony Ericsson and Motorola results for the fourth quarter term of 2009 and now its Nokia's turn. All in all, the company has issued a decent set of results with €12 billion net sales for the Q4 2009 period along with net sales of €40.9 billion for the entire year. The net profit for the last quarter was €1.14 billion which was pretty good as the net profit for the first three quarters of that year, added together, was only €0.05 billion - mainly because Nokia had lost a whole heap of cash up to that point.


Sales of actual phones, in the fourth quarter, reached 126.9 million which was up, compared to the third quarter, by 17% and, in doing so, actually increased its market share from 37.3% up to 39%. For the entire year, sales of phones rose from 431.8 million to 468.4 million.


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