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If you like the freedom of a touch-screen for web browsing but prefer the solid goodness of a QWERTY keyboard for those feature-length emails, these devices pack both into a single, capable package. Yes, you can have it all and a bag of chips.

HTC Touch Pro2

HTC's flagship business device is a Windows-powered beast... but in a good way. Its five-line QWERTY keyboard has a dedicated number row, large, spacious keys, and a message button to take you straight to your texts and emails. The slider mechanism is smooth and heavy, while its resistive (pressure-sensitive) touch-screen - though not as slick or responsive as iPhone-style capacitive ones - is reasonably accurate. Honorable mention goes to its 'push internet' - auto-update favourite sites to read when out of service range - and Straight Talk, which lets you activate speakerphone by flipping over the Pro2 during a call.
Also good for Media - its high-res widescreen can tilt at an angle for comfortable viewing
But forget it if Sat nav is a priority - its GPS receiver is pretty slow

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Nokia N900

The N900 boasts one of the most responsive resistive screens we've tried, so you'll be able to swipe from home screen to home screen as merrily as you please. The QWERTY keyboard is smooth and tactile with matt rubber keys and intelligent distribution of symbol and punctuation keys. Nokia Messaging - which also recently launched Twitter and Facebook support - means you can add up to 10 email accounts, and notifications are pushed to the home screen, while its 32GB of on-board memory will take several weeks' worth of media. Sure, it's on the chunky side, but here girth means power.
Also good for Multitasking - with 1GB of free memory, this is an incredibly powerful device that can handle webpages, video and emails like a PC.
But forget it if You want something easy to use - setting up the N900 to make use of its full power requires a certain amount of geeky knowhow

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T-Mobile G1

The first Android phone may not be the sexiest, but if you're serious about emails and will only do it old-school style (the best style, Grandad tells us), it's a great option. You'll get all the flexibility of the Android OS with one-step Google syncing and desktop-like Gmail, as well as an ever growing range of (mostly) free apps at the Marketplace. A compact, easy to use keyboard slides out beneath its 3.2-inch capacitive touch-screen, which is incredibly swipe-friendly and responsive, even when stacked up to newer Android phones. Despite its branding, you can get one SIM-free online simply as the HTC G1.
Also good for Sat nav - you'll get a fast GPS fix and routing, and Google Maps works a treat as always, especially with its recently launched 'What's Nearby' feature
But forget it if Music is a must - there's no 3.5mm audio jack and having the music player running in the background noticeably slows the phone down

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