Nokia adds RADAR to mobile phone

Nokia might be busy making money from its numerous mobile phone (eg the Nokia X6) and software (eg Symbian^4) announcements but it is also investigating and experimenting on individual mobile technology projects. Specifically, the Nokia Research Centre (NRC) in Helsinki has come up with a RADAR concept for a mobile phone.


According to the design group, the technology, "...can measure an object's distance, speed, and direction using a mobile device."


An accompanying video shows the team changing the volume of the music player without ever touching the phone itself - even with objects in the way. Another demonstration sees one of the team measuring the distance, speed and direction of a walking person, according to the Nokia Conversations website.


The applications for the new technology are numerous: from Nintendo Wii-like gaming control, home security and more.


Nokia has yet to reveal when the application might be included in a commercial handset.


Click to read the Nokia Conversations story and view the video


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