APP WATCH: Google Voice finally released for iPhone

Google, which has recently released the Android 2.1 SDK,  has been trying, desperately, to release a Voice-related app for the iPhone for some time. It has tried in the past but Apple acted as school bully, grabbed the app out of Google's hands, threw it on the ground, jumped all over it and said that they wouldn't touch it.


Google has decided to side-step Apple by releasing a web app for both iPhone's OS version 3.0 or higher and Palm's WebOS. The Voice app gives you access to "a streamlined version of your Google Voice inbox". The app also allows you to make international calls at a low cost as well as send and receive free SMS text messages. The app has been based upon HTML5, a fast development system and one that allows richer content.


To get going just bring up you mobile browser and input You will need a Voice account to access the software.


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