Android tipped to become No.2 OS by 2013

Analysts enjoy playing number games, in fact, they make a decent living out of it. Take IDC, which has just published a research document on the future of mobile operating systems.


Snappily entitled the Worldwide Mobile OS 2009-2013 Forecast and Analysis, the report states that: 'Android will experience the fastest growth of any mobile operating system. Starting from a very small base of just 690,000 units in 2008, total Android-powered shipments will reach 68.0 million units by 2013...Android will benefit from having a growing footprint of handset vendors supporting it and will finish second to Symbian in shipments by 2013.'


Flailing behind will be Microsoft's Windows Mobile OS - which backs up our own thoughts on the recent Microsoft developments - along with BlackBerry and Apple's own OS for the iPhone. Linux OS shipments will decrease, according to the company, while Palm's WebOS will hold its own but in a limited manner.


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