LG GT540 for Android newbies

LG appears to be taking on the 'affordable' end of the Android market. Its second Android device is another budget smartphone like its recent launch, the GW620. However, the GT540 will run on Android 2.0, the same version that powers the high-end Motorola Milestone.


Unlike the Milestone though, the GT540 is focused on social networking, with LG's integrated SNS Manager linking back to Facebook, Twitter and Bebo with contact sync features, as well as LG's own themes and widgets.


LG says the handset is aimed at 'first-time smartphone users' so the hardware won't be getting you hot under the collar. No GPS, but Wi-Fi and HSDPA internet, Bluetooth and a radio are present and correct. No word on the processor, but the video player supports DivX and WMV files, there's a three-megapixel auto-focus camera, and you'll get the usual suite of Google services.


The LG GT540 launches in April. No price or operator details have been announced.


Want to see what LG's done with Android? Check out our hands-on video of the LG GW620 here.

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