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We first heard about the forthcoming release of the HTC Obsession when it was revealed that it would feature Microsoft's new Windows Mobile 7 operating system.


At that time, the phone was thought to be a high specification design and, of course, it still is. However, the word is that the phone will feature multitouch support within its user interface. If this is true, it might put the wind up Google which is still looking to switch on the feature on its own OS, Android (It has, thus far, been hampered because it didn't want to upset Apple and, so agreed to ignore the option for now. Of course, Microsoft might 'switch off' multitouch too. Apple holds many important touchscreen patents.) There are additional reports that the phone will feature a 10 hour talk time capability, which, if true, will be impressive.


When the phone will appear is debatable, especially as the attendant Windows Mobile 7 OS has experienced reported delays and might not appear until 2011 and the fact that there are no indications that the Obsession will initially appear wearing Windows Mobile 6.5.3. Confusion still reigns, however, because other rumours have it that Microsoft is ready to showcase the new Windows Mobile 7 OS at the MWC 2010 show in February, in Barcelona, Spain.


Watch this space for further developments.


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