Motorola's split keyboard phone

One of the more intriguing new phone design projects may be on the way to fruition this year. The design has been developed by Motorola (hot on the heels of its work on the Shadow and MOTOROI designs) and is apparently to be known as the Motorola MOTOSPLIT.


And what's so special about it? Its keyboard. Stop yawning at the back! The keyboard is, at the risk of succumbing to hyperbole, potentially revolutionary. Instead of a fixed or slide-out standard QWERTY keyboard positioned in portrait mode, the MOTOSPLIT offers a dual slide-out keyboard in landscape mode. That is, half of the keyboard slides out at the base of the phone, the other half slides out at the top, according to the Engadget website. You then turn the phone on its side and tap away as you would on a Netbook or similar.


Check out the rather blurry rendering to (almost) see what we mean. Observers say  the phone should be out in the third quarter of 2010. We'll keep you informed on further developments.


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