Samsung - working on another OS?

There is a certain amount of confusion regarding Samsung's new operating system - and it's all Samsung's fault. The problem is - which OS are we talking about? Let us explain. The company was recently spotted, red handed and looking slightly sheepish, filing for a trademark for a new operating system. However, it wasn't bada. Oh no. It was something called Vita.


The name, which was apparently trademarked on 22 October last year, has many observers scratching their heads and could mean one of two things: either it is an alternative name for bada (which is fast maturing as a workable system) or it heralds a totally new OS for mobile platforms. More, Samsung also registered a new website called, although this site is not currently 'live'.


According to the Ubergizmo website, the Vita name is reserved as a back-up because of a possible trademark concern. There is, apparently, a company in Germany that features the word bada, which might cause trouble for Samsung further down the line.


Whatever the reason, we'll keep you informed on future developments.


Click to see the  Ubergizmo story



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