T-Mobile scraps Combi/Flext tariffs

T-Mobile is revamping its pay monthly tariffs, with the addition of 'Flexible Boosters' that customers can add to their monthly plans.


Customers will be able to add one booster without any fee, choosing from unlimited texts, unlimited mobile internet, international calling, roaming, unlimited landline calls or unlimited calls to other T-Mobilers.


But the best part is that you can change your booster every 30 days, so you could for example go for unlimited internet usually, and change to a roaming booster when you do that big holiday in the summer.


Tariffs start at £20 per month, including a free phone such as T-Mobile's recent exclusive, the Samsung Galaxy Portal, 300 minutes, 300 texts and one booster. Additional boosters can be added for an extra £5 each, and can also be added to SIM-only plans.


The new T-Mobile pay monthly tariffs with boosters will be available from 1 February.

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