Samsung Galaxy Portal available on T-Mobile

We first heard about Samsung's Galaxy Portal sometime back, and now the Android smartphone is finally launching, exclusive to T-Mobile for a month.


It's an affordable smartphone that comes with the full lineup of Google services, a 3.2-inch touch-screen, 3.2 megapixel-camera, 3.5mm audio jack and a reasonably slender chassis at just 13.2mm thick. We like the sound of the speedy 800Mhz processor too. It'll run on any GSM network worldwide as it's quadband, and Wi-Fi and HSDPA support has all the internet bases covered. It's packing a measly 180MB of memory, but you can buy a microSD memory card and beef it up to 32GB.


It'll also come preloaded with augmented reality app Layar, a browser that uses the phone's camera to take in your surroundings, then adds 'layers' of information - anything from the nearest tube station to which pub is showing a particular football match.


The Galaxy Portal is a pretty incremental upgrade on the original Galaxy, and like its predecessor does not feature any 'skin' or Samsung software in the vein of the contact-syncing Sense interface found in HTC's Hero. Instead, you'll get a barebones Android OS with three homescreens to customise as you please with widgets and apps from the Android Marketplace. In fact, it's running on the very first version of Android, Cupcake, but Samsung says it will be upgradeable.


The Galaxy Portal can be had free from £23 a month on an 18-month contract (add on a £5 booster for unlimited internet). T-Mobile will also have exclusivity on the black version for three months.

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