Is Windows OS losing ground?

So this is the situation. Microsoft's Windows Mobile 6.5 was initially well received but with some interface reservations, then Microsoft had to rush through the development of Windows Mobile 6.6 Maldives which supports capacitive screens, delaying the release date. Topping that, the highly anticipated Windows Mobile 7 may also be delayed until 2011. Meanwhile, Apple's iPhone OS, which is already more advanced than Windows mobile 6.6, is going from strength to strength with a new version to appear this Summer. The similarly advanced Android operating system is ever popular and making real in-roads into Microsoft's established territory. Also, when a new Android version is announced, it is released onto the market in double quick time.


Is it any wonder, therefore, that LG has retreated from its early 2009 announcement that it would release 20 new Windows Mobile handsets to its new announcement that 20 handsets would, indeed, be released this year but less than half of them, now, will be occupied by Windows Mobile? Ten are expected be filled with Android, a few more with a Linux-based OS, according to the Korea Times website.


LG's CEO, Skott Ahn commented that, "MS Windows Mobile operating system is rather unqualified in mobile interfaces."


What now Microsoft?


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