Disposable handset makes for good travel companion

Chances are if you're planning a backpacking trip/boozy holiday to Lanzarote/a trek through the Andes (delete where appropriate) you won't want to lug your expensive, all-seeing, all-doing handset along for the ride, for fear of losing it. However, by the same token you'll probably still wish to stay in touch with the folks back home. IP2 Mobile has created a mobile phone that will not only prevent heartbreak should you have the misfortune of losing your phone while abroad, it also comes with a roaming SIM card, guaranteeing cheaper international calls.


The Roamobi travel handset is smaller than a credit card and prides itself on being a simple call and text mobile phone. When it arrives in the coming months (expect it to become available after Mobile World Congress next month), it is expected to retail for under £20, and will include a roaming SIM card for both making and receiving cheaper international calls.


Once the customer has returned from their travels they will be encouraged to recycle the phone, the idea being that their will be drop off points by arrival gates at airports, with the handsets being shipped out to third world countries. Of course, users can instead opt to keep hold of the phone and use it within the UK, with the handset using all four of the major networks, simply logging in to the one with the strongest signal.

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