Vodafone Sure Signal boosts mobile phone coverage

Vodafone has only had the iPhone a week, and it's already selling accessories to improve its 3G coverage.


Sure Signal is a hub that plugs into your broadband router, and boosts 3G signal so that mobile phone users get better call quality, and far less of those delayed texts and voicemails. It manages it through the use of a femtocell, a cellular base station which basically substitutes the need for a mobile phone mast (and also has some other interesting applications).


Naturally, this boost comes at a cost, and you'll need to be a Vodafone customer to make use of it. If you're already on £25 a month plan, then you can get the hub for £50; or pay in £5 monthly installments for a year. If you're on an under-£25 contract, you'll have to shell out a one-off of £120, or pay those £5 installments for two years.


It's a great extra, especially considering that the iPhone was pretty much singlehandedly responsible for slowing down O2's 3G networks, thanks to some two million UK users jumping on the mobile internet when the operator had exclusivity.


The Sure Signal hub is available to anyone using one of Voda's 3G phones, but considering it was actually available last year as the rather more nerdy Access Gateway, it seems like an ace up Voda's sleeve to draw users to its iPhone camp.

Check out Vodafone's Sure Signal page here.

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