LG launches budget Android phone

LG is doing what it does best - package high-end tech for the regular consumer, at a very affordable price. The GW620 is a turbocharged social networking smartphone that runs on Android, and will be available free for just £20 a month.


A QWERTY slider with three-inch touch-screen, the GW620 also boasts a LG-exclusive social networking app called Linkbook that will integrate your Facebook and Twitter accounts for example, and allow you to access your friends' profiles direct from your contact list. We like the look of the keyboard which features raised, rounded keys spaced a decent distance apart.


The camera is a decent five megapixels, though as it's on such an early build of Android, there'll be no support for flash. A cool extra is auto-facetagging, which will recognise and automatically tag friends' faces in photos, while 'face-to-action' means you can call or SMS a friend simply by tapping their face in a picture, or even check out their social network profile from there.


Other goodies in line with other Android devices include a microSD memory slot, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, a 3.5mm headphone jack, and support for high-speed HSDPA internet.


The GW620 is the first Android phone from LG, more known for its sexy stylings in the form of the New Chocolate BL40, or for high-end camera phones like the eight-megapixel Viewty Smart. According to LG though, this affordable entry to the world of Android and smartphone apps is just the beginning, and we can expect more Android devices from the company this year.


The phone launches today on T-Mobile for free on a £20/month, 24-month contract with unlimited data; and on Virgin Media for free on a £22/month, 18-month contract with unlimited texts and data. It will be available on more operators later on.



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