Will Motorola Shadow be Google Nexus Two?

Google's Nexus One is still warm and those funny little peel-off, plastic protectors are still attached to the touchscreen but, already, there is word spreading around the industry that a sequel to the Nexus One is on the cards.


The new design is apparently to be created via Motorola and has been the subject of rumours of its own. Known as the Motorola Shadow, the phone arrives with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. No images of the new design are available as yet except for a couple of computer renderings that reflect the similarity with the company's own Milestone, according to the Engadget website.


Possible features include a 4.3in touchscreen of a WVGA resolution, a HDMI port for HD recording and a built in camera rated at an excellent 8-megapixels.


We are still awaiting confirmation that the Motorola Shadow will actually be the Nexus Two.


Click to read the Engadget story

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