Google release Android 2.1 SDK

Those of you out there who are just itching to get your hands on version 2.1 of the Android SDK (Software Development Kit) so that you can develop you own app, sell it to the world, become rich and buy yourself a fast car, big house and attract the girl/boy of your dreams (all teeth, tan and no conversation) - now's your chance.


The operating system adds several features to the original, including an updated version of the framework API. Say what? Well, one of the groovy things it can do is to make animated wallpapers, according to the Android Developers Blog website. If you manage to ever grab a Nexus One mobile phone on demo, you'll see these things all of the time.


If you fancy a dabble and wish to download the Android 2.1 SDK, then have a look here.


In related news, the Android team has also produced a new USB driver that supports Nexus One. This is available through the SDK Manager.


Click to read the Android Developers Blog story

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