Sccope?s iPhone price comparison app

We all like a bargain and hate to be over the odds, which is why it would appear iPhone users are falling over themselves to download Sccope's price comparison application. Already a successful website, the app utilises the iPhone's camera enabling consumers to scan the bar code of particular products before being told where they can purchase it for a cheaper price. Ok so we might have seen this kind of tool on the Android platform in the shape of the Shop Savvy application, but Sccope has the added benefits of informing the customer of the number of products in stock as well as programming price drop alerts ensuring you pick up the best bargain.


Sccope has over 280.000 products on its database with four million different price plans from 100 UK retailers, including Amazon, Comet and John Lewis. It's proved so popular that it jumped to the top of the iPhone App charts within its first three days.


Sccope for the iPhone can be purchased from the iTunes App Store for £1.19 and works on any iPhone model.

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