Blackberry 8900 successor in the offing?

After news appeared about the new 9100 handset, reports are arriving that the popular Blackberry 8900 may have a successor appearing on the horizon. The new mobile design is to be known as the Blackberry 8910 and has raised its head above the parapet by passing and achieving a Bluetooth SIG certification, via the website.


Official details are few and far between for the new design. However, observers do say that the new model should feature a 3G facility for fast data transfer, which would be an improvement over the original, which was released around a year ago.


Other details for the new model include Wi-Fi for wireless Internet connections, GPS for location finding plus a screen packing in 480 x 360 pixels and a QWERTY keyboard. Reports say that the new phone will also feature a 3.2-megapixel camera and the 5.0.4 operating system. Reports say that the new 8900 handset should arrive with an optical trackpad.


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