A Bluetooth Stereo Headset for fitness fanatics

Calling all fitness fans. Tired of having to stop pacing the treadmill to take a call? Failing to beat your personal best because your earphones keep falling out? Well it would appear help is at hand in the form of the Avantalk Jogger, Designed by Avantronics, the Bluetooth Stereo Headset has been purpose built for active and sporting individuals who don't want to miss that vital call.


Discreetly hooking over both ears, users can also listen to their music without fear of the headphones slipping off. The ergonomic design means the device shapes itself in accordance to your face and lug holes, while at only 23 grams you won't be weighed down leaving you to shed those pounds après Christmas. The Avantalk Jogger is also both sweat and water resistant, limiting damage from perspiring, rain and fog, while the eight hours music and talktime means you shouldn't run out of juice unless you're planning on running multiple marathons in a row.


The Avantalk Jogger is available in the UK from Amazon and www.mobilefun.co.uk  for £49.99.

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