iPhone 4G rumoured for May launch

You just can't get good help these days can you? Apple might not be confirming anything, but its carrier partners seem to have leaked the launch date of the next iPhone.


It's become a tradition that a new iPhone comes out every summer, around July, but now press in France and South Korea are buzzing that the next-gen iPhone - 4G perhaps? - will launch in late spring or early summer.


According to FoneArena, a Korean paper is reporting the iPhone 4G, whose parts have already been leaked, will be sent out for testing in April, implying it will be available to consumers sometime during or after May.


What's more interesting is the leaked spec list. This includes:


OLED screen A hyper-bright screen that also saves on power, like the one found in Google's Nexus One.


Dual core processor Imagine an even faster iPhone 3GS with better multitasking power.


Removable battery That would be one way to beef up the pitiful battery life - bring an extra battery - but knowing Apple's predilection for a completely closed system, it does seem unlikely.


Five-meg camera with LED flash As we previously reported, the current 3.2-meg snapper will be upgraded to what's become standard spec for smartphones. Rumours also go the camera will be capable of high-def video recording, though that seems unlikely, as it took Apple three generations of phone to even include video recording in the first place.


Video calling This means the addition of a secondary camera to the front of the phone, which is a pretty standard feature for many existing devices. Maybe Apple is finally recognizing the popularity of Skype and other video-enabled VOIP calling apps?

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