Mobile phone photography course launches

Who needs a fancy camera to take fancy photography courses? Photograpy Made Simple is launching the UK's first mobile phone photography course, teaching people to make the most of the teeny snapper on their phones.


The course will help people learn to take advantage of natural light, as the cameras on mobiles often falter in low light conditions, when to use a flash (if there is one), timing, and how to focus the lens. Similar fodder to our 'Tips and tricks for using a camera phone', perhaps?


Good timing, we say. After all, the iPhone is the second most popular source of photos on Flickr, while Samsung's 12-megapixel Pixon12 won our vote for the year's Best Camera Phone for its powerful action, macro and flash features. Even Nokia has their own 12-meg beast in the making.


The course is priced at £40, and starts on Jan 16 in London; feb 5 in Bristol; and Feb 7 in Birmingham. For more details head to


And if this has just inspired to splash out on a high-meg phone, check out our Top 5 camera phones.

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