Average texter spends £28,000 during lifetime

A UK survey has found that the average person will send at least 282,000 text messages during their lifetime.


At an average cost of 10p per text, this equates to around £28,200 – the cost of a Lotus Elise sports car or 61 iPhones. The survey was conducted by www.rightmobilephone.co.uk and determined that the average number of texts sent in a month is 500, with 600 minutes spent talking on the phone. This works out as eight months spent talking on your mobile phone throughout your lifetime.


The survey questioned 2,038 people about their mobile use and found the main period of people using their mobiles was from the ages of 13 to 60. They also found that mobile phones remained the most popular way of staying in touch with 54% claiming this was there preferred means of communication, with 31% saying Facebook was. In stark contrast, only 4% of the people surveyed said face-to-face communication was their number one means of speaking to friends and family.

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