Windows Mobile 7 currently in testing

There have been an array of rumours, leaked quotes and images regarding the new operating system from Microsoft, Windows Mobile 7, the OS that will, more than likely, run top of the range mobile phones (with the sister Windows Mobile 6.5 OS running midrange and budget designs). Further developments are occuring, it seems, as Microsoft has now posted a related job advertisement. 


The job ad states that the successful applicant "...can immediately make a difference...", according to the WM Poweruser website. According to Microsoft, the company is, "...rolling out a number of new Test technologies, tools, and processes aimed at the improvement of the UI and Localization Quality of the next Windows Mobile releases."


Accompanying this development is talk from LG, via the CES show, which is currently running in Las Vegas, USA, that the new OS will be launched this year which sets up a probable end of year release for a number of Windows Mobile 7 mobile phones.


Click to read the WM Poweruser story


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