Orange unveils its own Barclaycard

Orange and Barclaycard have joined forces to produce their own credit card that offers the customer a number of benefits. Customers will be able to stay on top of all their transactions by receiving text alerts detailing their balance, limit and what credit they have remaining. In addition, they will also be alerted every month to what they owe, again by SMS as well as receiving confirmation that payment has been received. If you're a shopaholic and don't trust yourself, you can set weekly or monthly budgets that will block you from exceeding your limit. For every £1 spent with the card, customers will also earn an Orange Credit Card reward point that can be spent at high street shops including Marks & Spencer and HMV, discounts on Orange products, and tickets to various trips and events such as Glastonbury. Alternatively if you're of generous ilk you can donate your reward points to a variety of charities.


The Orange Barclaycard can also be used for contactless mobile payments of £10 or under. When customers see a contactless symbol in a retail store they can simply hold their card to the reader and pay for their purchase.


To find out more about the Orange credit card visit

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