Buffalo Dualie iPhone dock is also a 500GB HDD

We've seen some cool iPhone docks, like JVC's surround sound speaker dock system, but the Buffalo Dualie takes the crown for the most useful, why-hasn't-someone-done-it-yet device.


See, it's a portable hard drive clocking in at 500GB, but it's also a docking station that allows you to sync media files between itself and your iDevice.


The Dualie is actually made up of the docking bit which has a two-port USB hub, and the HDD itself, which comes with one USB and one FireWire port for data transfer. Unfortunately (or not, if you're a Mac-olyte), the hard drive is Mac-formatted, so only Mac users can make use of this nifty little gadget.


Buffalo Dualie comes with adapters for iPhone 3G/3GS, iPod touch 2nd Generation, iPod classic and iPod nano 5th Generation, and is available exclusively at www.apple.com or the Apple Store from February for £199.


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