Mobile use a cure to Alzheimer?s?

We're forever being told how using your mobile phone can have a detrimental effect on your health, with claims of over-use leading to brain tumours or skin diseases. However, according to the BBC a group of Florida scientists are now claiming that moderate use of your phone can help protect and even treat the memory debilitating Alzheimer's disease.


The Florida Alzheimer's Disease Research Centre conducted tests on 96 mice for a period of seven to nine months. Exposing the rodents, who had all been infected with the disease, to electro-magnetic fields akin to those from a standard mobile phone, the results showed they performed as well in memory and thinking skills as healthy mice, suggesting their condition actually improved as a result of the testing.


However, the same group of scientists do concede that it is still early days in terms of their testing and that the memory benefits seen in the mice could take years with regards to humans. They were also keen to stress that they only recommend moderate use of around two one hour periods a day.


To read the BBC story, click here.

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